Coffee and Golf?

Nov 13, 2009
Margaret Swallow, longtime advocate in the global coffee community and former executive director for the Coffee Quality Institute, contributes occasional posts to the Romancing the Bean.

I live in the Greater Cincinnati area and the last couple of weeks have been a beautiful period of Indian summer -- sunny, warm days with cool, crisp nights. The weather has been so good that its motivated my husband and me to break away from our home offices the last couple of afternoons and venture out onto the golf course.

When we play in the summer months, theres always a cold beverage in the golf cart cup holder. But as we were heading out the other day it was slightly overcast and chilly so I decided to brew a fresh pot of coffee and filled up my commuter mug to take with me. Perhaps I was inspired by the fact that I was wearing my Juan Valdez baseball cap, but based on what happened while we were out on the course I think that coffee is my lucky beverage when it comes to golfing.

First, you need to understand that while I enjoy golf Im not very good at it. My husband has played his whole life so my interest in the game was originally sparked by the idea that it would be a fun activity that we could enjoy together - overall thats been true and I appreciate his patience when have a bad shot and he says in his coaching voice keep your eyes on the ball and follow through.

So, the other day my ball is just off the green and I hit a chip shot and it goes into the hole. This has never happened before and all of a sudden I know what a really good golfer must feel like and Im thinking I can play this game!

Today is another beautiful day and were going to head out later this afternoon to enjoy it. In the hopes of having another great shot, Ill be wearing my Juan Valdez hat and taking a mug of coffee along in the golf cart.


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