Mission Perfect Cup: The Coffee Superheroes

Oct 21, 2009|
You can join our mission to save coffee one cup at a time! Participate in Mission Perfect Cup to learn about easy steps you can take to enjoy coffee at its best.

The Coffee Superheroes

Are you ready to take your coffee to the next level? The Coffee Superheroes are here to help.

Beans Have you ever bought freshly roasted coffee beans? If not, youve really not experienced a truly fresh cup of coffee. Coffee is at its best a day or two after roasting.

Many urban areas have local roasters and even small coffee shops that roast fresh beans in small batches. Why not buy a pound and see if you can taste and smell the difference?

Grinding Do you really want to bring out the flavor of great coffee beans? Try freshly grinding your beans just before brewing.

Grinding is a very important step in the coffee process. It creates lots of surfaces for hot water exposure - extracting the flavor of your beans. Getting the grind size for your brewer and flavor preference may take a little bit of practice. Beans that are too finely ground will expose too much surface area which will result in over-extraction and a harsh taste. On the other hand, overly coarse grind will produce weak coffee. For BUNN home brewers, we recommend a drip or fine grind, about the consistency of the grind circled in the below picture. We recommend using a burr grinder because they produce more uniform grounds than blade grinders.

Measuring How much coffee do you use? Its easy to use the dump some coffee in the filter method. However, using the right amount of grounds is an important part of making consistently great coffee.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America recommends using two tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounce cup. This is a good place to start but we recommend that you experiment to find your ideal brew strength. Is the coffee too strong or too weak? Record all the important details of the batch (beans, grind size, amount used, etc.) and adjust the next batch. Soon, youll have your perfect brew.


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