SCAA exposition 2009, part 1

Apr 3, 2009

Shawn Steiman, author of The Hawaii Coffee Book: A Gourmets Guide from Kona to Kauai is a coffee scientist and consultant based in Honolulu. His company, Coffea Consulting, aims to improve coffee quality and sustainability around the world.

For every passion, theres a gathering of the most intense, most geeky, most obsessed, people. For coffee fiends, it is the annual exposition of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). The greatest minds and players in the global coffee industry converge at this event to share, experience, and explore coffee in all its glory. Nowhere on earth can coffee addicts and laypeople see, do, learn, and taste more coffee related things in just a few days. There is something for everyone at this well-caffeinated event.

The 2009 SCAA exposition occurs in Atlanta, GA in just a couple of weeks- April 16-19. Classes, lectures, and labs offer a dizzying array of educational opportunities. Want to learn about roaster repair and maintenance? Espresso brewing? Cupping? Operating a caf? Coffee farm happenings and operations? Almost no topic is left uncovered. In one weekend, a person can learn about coffee from seed to cup.

It doesnt stop there, though. The exposition also hosts an enormous trade show. If it can be related to coffee or a caf, its there: roasters, equipment manufacturers, bakers, authors, farmers, green bean importers, trade journals, milk vendors, gelato makers, consultants, caf gear

The newest toys and gadgets can be poked, prodded and tested. Coffees from around the world, brewed on the spot, are available for tasting. The fun is never-ending; being a coffee geek has never been better.

This years event will be preceded by a 2 day symposium that will explore a variety of topics relevant to todays industry. Each session will be hosted by experts in the field. Breakout sessions and time for novel thought and discussion has been allocated for participants to engage one another. As many great ideas are often born from group effort, the symposium creates a chance for folk to get together and expand the depths of their coffee minds.


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