Who Will Be The Breakout Star of 2014?

Oct 7, 2013|

As we head into the home stretch of 2013 its not too early to take a peek ahead to see what's on the horizon for the beverage industry in 2014.

There is one drink which seems poised to break ahead of the pack and assert itself as a major player in the coming year. Its one youre familiar with and here is a hint it was celebrated around the country a few weeks ago lemonade.

Lemonade is an old-fashioned American staple but dont let its storied history fool you; the future is just as bright as its sterling past. Most of the nation grew up with lemonade as a refreshing treat option for youth and it still continues to resonate among the younger generation as 45% of 2012 consumption came from the under 24 age range according to the NPD Group. However lemonade seems to be finding a renewed life as the country turns its taste buds towards healthier, more versatile and fresher beverages.

Earlier this year Restaurant Hospitality Magazine had lemonade as one of its seven healthy trends to look for in 2013. Due in part to the growing public demands for more health conscious refreshments, the magazine tabbed lemonade as one watch.

Industry research company Technomic featured lemonade in its 2013 Take on Trends as it stated restaurants will be turning to beverages to drive sales stating trends include fresh fruit (especially tropical fruit) beverages.

Another stereotype lemonade may be shedding is its association as a one-trick pony, good for summer backyard barbecues, ball games and street corner stands. The category has seen a rise in year-round orders. NPD data shows quarterly consumption, still higher in the summer months (2.4% of all orders in June-August are lemonade), it doesnt suffer a drop off as the leaves begin to turn (orders dont fall below 2% the entire year). NPD also sees big things ahead for the beverage, predicting a 2% increase across the board in consumption for 2014.

Finally lemonade is versatile. You dont need to be in the tropics or stuck in tropical like weather to enjoy its refreshing taste. When the temperature turns down right frosty, you can warm up with hot buttered lemonade which could come in handy as you put away the white pants and open toe shoes and start looking ahead to colder weather and the calendar turning to 2014. Just make sure you keep an eye on lemonade, its future is just as bright as the past!


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