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Jan 26, 2015|

One of the new features of the revitalized is to provide a customer experience unique to each individual user. To begin the journey towards purchasing the equipment to best fit the needs of the customer, the website features the ability to choose the region the user is located and thus customizing the e-commerce experience.

When users begin their experience, the browser is automatically set to the United States. If they are viewing the site from a different location, simply hover the cursor over the “Now Viewing” menu at the top center of the page and a drop down menu will appear providing the options to choose from 10 different locations throughout the world.

Once the region has been selected, there will not be much of a change on the home screen, however when proceeding into the e-commerce portion of the website, the catalog containing the available equipment in that region will display on screen.

When e-commerce viewing has begun in that particular region for commercial products, you may not change regions without losing your previous stored selections. If a change in regions is necessary, the site will notify the user that the current cart inventory will be emptied upon leaving that particular region. Once regions have been switched, the catalog specific to the selected region will be in use. Please note, at this time shoppers may only purchase equipment electronically from the United States region.

If the user is on the site to viewing and shop for BUNN home products, if any region is selected outside of the United States and Canada, the viewer will see a unique screen notifying them that home products are not available in that region.

The goal of the enhanced is to provide a unique and satisfying user experience and having the ability to regionalize the site to the individual user is another step into helping create an enjoyable experience for all users.



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