Let's Talk Coffee 2011

Oct 31, 2011

Victor Rodriguez, BUNN, recaps his visit to El Salvador for Sustainable Harvest's 2011 Let's Talk Coffee event.

Let's Talk Coffee brings the specialty coffee industry together for a three-day event, connecting them in a transparent supply chain from seed to cup.  In an industry where it is often difficult for partners to meet face-to-face, Lets Talk Coffee provides a private forum for business partners to create and maintain open lines of communication, humanizing their business relationships and bringing the Relationship Coffee model to life. Participation in Let's Talk Coffee is by invitation only.

Although we experienced several setbacks due to harsh weather conditions that has displaced over 17,000 families, the event was a great success.  Despite all this, Let's Talk Coffee continues to grow in participation with over 52 countries represented this year and 367 in attendance compared to last year's numbers of 320 people from more than 20 countries to the event location in Peru.

Growth in coffee sales globally despite economy that has slowed down  in several markets was a major discussion point for the group. Some other major discussion topics were, best practices in all phases of the industry and chain process, as well as, how to work best with several financial institutions.

Many new technologies where introduced, but the best was the introduction of the Apple iPad which  is  a major breakthrough and will be a significant tool that will impact greatly how they can reach and communicate with over 200,000 growers world wide.

Overall this is a great event and  BUNN's time and involvement will only help us to grow closer and influence those in a positive manner that are directly involved with the future of the industry the coffee growers.    



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