An Ongoing Process to Finding the Perfect Fit

Nov 15, 2016|

As someone who is deeply steeped in the barista community, Rusty Angell is constantly focused on what goes into the cup, so you can imagine how happy he was to find a like-minded company upon joining the BUNN team.

“The thing I like most about being with BUNN is that it really has a commitment to quality in the cup,” Angell said. “When I first arrived, I had conversations with Mr. Bunn about how the company’s primary focus was on producing the best quality beverage and it’s been like that the entire time I’ve worked here.”

Angell has spent the last five and a half years as the BUNN Field Correspondent. In his daily duties, Rusty is tasked with representing the company in the beverage community on a wide variety of fronts. His primary focus is education on brewing methods, specialty coffee and, of course, helping others achieve the best possible results in their cup.

While Rusty is locked into teaching, learning and helping others when it comes to beverage knowledge, it’s far from his sole focus in life. When he’s not traveling around the country on behalf of BUNN, he has found another labor of love, home restoration. Angell and his family have a farm house in North Carolina they are in the middle of renovating, which is very much like his drive to produce the best quality beverage in the cup.

“It’s been an ongoing process,” Angell smiled.

Learn more about Rusty in our latest edition of Cup Conversation.


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