A Positive Approach

Dec 22, 2016|

The phrase “turn that frown upside down” might best describe the goal of Shauna Hayes in her daily efforts at BUNN.

Hayes is the Supervisor of the In-Bound Customer Service Team meaning she manages the group which handles all the in-bound service needs for the company’s commercial equipment customers. If a customer has a piece of equipment that is not performing as needed, they reach out to Hayes’ team via the phone, web, or even email. Once the notification has arrived, her team springs into action, facilitates the request and dispatches a technician to help.

“The best thing about my job is being able to turn what usually starts out as a negative situation into a positive one,” Hayes said. “When our customers call, they are typically experiencing some sort of inconvenience. When we can step in and turn it into a positive customer experience situation that really leaves us feeling good at the end of the day.”

Hayes, who has been with BUNN for two years, is well-equipped to handle the task of turning negatives into positives from a variety of angles. Prior to joining the BUNN team, she spent 13 years managing a call enter where she oversaw supervisors and representatives who specialized in customer service. Before that, spent time in a management position in the restaurant industry.

“My prior experience has given me a good perspective of what our customers are experiencing and helps me understand and empathize with their situation,” Hayes said.

While Hayes spends her work days turning frowns upside down, she spends her free time doing a lot of smiling by spending time with her family and watching their children participate in sports.

“We have three kids that very involved in sports. We become “weekend warriors” traveling to some type of tournament or competition,” Hayes proudly said. “It’s either hockey, volleyball or soccer it just depends on the weekend.”

 Learn more about Shauna in our latest edition of Cup Conversations.


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