Product Spotlight: AXIOM® RFID

Mar 19, 2014|

When it comes to famous pairings its unlikely chips and coffee are going to make anyone’s list, but in the case of our AXIOM® RFID brewing system, its an ideal combination in terms of profitability and sustainability.

BUNN uses RFID equipped collars for glass decanters and a unique chip holder for insulated stainless steel thermal decanters. This optimizes operator efficiency by automatically managing coffee freshness, warmer use, and energy management of the compatable brewer.

The technology enables the brewer to “write” the exact brew time to a chip in the decanter while simultaneously keeping the operator informed of the status through the brewer’s LCD screen. The brewer also monitors the aging of the coffee in the decanters even if the decanter is placed among multiple RFID-enabled brewers. When coffee has exceeded the recommended 30-minute holding time for glass decanters and 1.5 hours for thermal carafes, the brewer emits an audible alert and automatically disengages the warmer.

The technology goes a step further by detecting decanter type and applying heat for glass models and disabling warmers for thermal carafes thus keeping coffee fresh for longer periods of time. This is ideal for a serving environment that requires the convenience and appeal of glass decanters in the morning or other peak volume periods, but can prove economically beneficial by switching to thermal carafes during non-peak hours.

Energy management is optimized when the system detects a decanter absence on any warmer and automatically shuts them off when not in use.

The RFID technology is bolstered by exclusive BUNN BrewWISE® programming that allows operators to develop and save the most popular brewing recipes while providing the opportunity to quickly retrieve them with the touch of a button.

This also simplifies extraction manipulation and dramatically reduces equipment installation and calibration times. Back-to-back brewing capacity is achieved through the 200 oz. hot water tank.


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