Seeking Inspiration

Mar 4, 2016|

Graphic designers by nature are always looking for inspiration. It’s a quest for one member of the BUNN Marketing Team that comes straight from the book… the comic book that is.

Antonio (Tony) Sanguedolce has been a member of the BUNN Marketing Team for 13 years, currently specializing in video creation and editing, after spending his first eight years working primarily on graphic design for print publications and media development.

One of Sanguedolce’s favorite parts of serving on the marketing team is the thought process and group efforts the squad must complete in the initial phases of equipment creation.

“In many ways we get to be the launching pad for products that will be used globally in the near future,” Sanguedolce said. “Creating videos to promote campaigns for equipment that is yet to exist really tests our skills so in many ways we need to find as much inspiration as possible.”

Self described as someone who enjoys a good comic book read, Tony says the graphics intertwined with the stories in the comics is something that has drawn him in since his youth. He continues to use the combination of art and printed word found in that literature to inspire him on a daily basis.

Learn more about Tony and what inspires him in our latest edition of Cup Conversations.


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