Trifecta recipe lines

Nov 20, 2014|

What does a constellation have to do with brewing? Well, nothing if you are talking about charting celestial bodies to look like brutes battling bulls. However, this particular constellation-looking line chart is really a unique way to communicate your brewing recipe. Where did it come from, how does it work, and how can I use it?  

The idea behind the line came from BUNN's own Karalynn McDermott who is known for being an out-of-the-box thinker. She wanted a clear, concise way to display the trifecta brewing recipes. A spreadsheet or chart where you fill in boxes with numbers was useful but didn’t do a lot of good in expressing how trifecta brews. A visual representation does a much better job of relaying the message of trifecta brewing.

trifecta and recipe line

Using the line chart is pretty simple. Each important and changeable parameter has its own line with a given range of numbers. Just plot your variable number on the line and then connect the dots. Since each coffee has a unique recipe, each line will be its own representation of that coffee. What we’ve found is that it really helps communicate the science behind the brew in a very easy-to-understand way.

One of the best ways to display the trifecta line is through comparison. The lines can be displayed side by side along with the coffee information to show how each is prepared according to its characteristics. If customers want to know more information it is easy to talk about why it was brewed with certain parameters and how the origin and process were instrumental in developing the recipe. One can visually see that a line shifted to the right of the chart will correspond with denser, higher grown, and possibly lighter roasted coffees. The inverse may be true of a line that bears more to the left of the chart.

trifecta necktie

We at BUNN have been known to use the line in some fun promotional ways as well as informational. We’ve put the line on tshirts and neckties and have found it is a great conversation starter. We’d love to see your own ideas. Download a PDF version of the lines in large and small

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