Unifying Through Diversity

Apr 29, 2016|

It’s a good thing Lina Chiodo embraces diversity because her professional life is based on it.

As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the 50-country EMEA Region which includes Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, Chiodo and her staff deal with a wide array of customers and cultures daily.

“My region is the most culturally diverse region in the entire company and we are fortunate to have customers that are top drawer,” Chiodo said. “I love the connections to the people we make because along with the customers, my staff is a wonderful team of professionals.”

Diversity in the customer base isn’t the only diverse part of Lina’s duties at BUNN. In addition to her EMEA duties, she also serves as the Vice President of Global Accounts.

It was nearly nine years ago that Lina was working in the packaging industry when she met Hy Bunn. After that meeting, she learned more about what BUNN was about and was then ready to sign on.

“I met Hy and got a taste for the industry. I went to Europe, spoke to some key customers and then Hy really drew me in,” Lina said.

While her professional life keeps her busy, she travels approximately 170 days of the year, there is one portion of her life where the diversity of action stops. Lina has her mind set only on spending time with one group of people when she arrives home.

“I have a big Italian family including my husband who is a super great guy and my six-year-old niece and four-year-old nephew. I love spending time with them and when I get home I have to see them!”

Learn more about Lina and what drives her in our latest edition of Cup Conversations.




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