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Quality in the Cup

  • 9 bar pressure used with a variable brew group to produce an excellent single and double shot with beautiful crema
  • Precision Ditting® burrs for accurate grinding and great shot quality
  • Ideal serving temperature of espresso and café beverages are achieved with our two tank system

Great Design

  • Consumers see the 1kg (2.2lb) bean hopper so they can view fresh whole beans
  • Touchpad features two programmable portion sizes from 230 to 350ml (8 to 12oz) and 9 beverage choices, plus hot water
  • Waterfall, compact footprint (356mm W x 500mm D x 656mm H)
  • Decorative, bright, buff nozzle guides to the 140.5mm dispense area

Highest Quality Equipment

  • Engineered with three powder hoppers; two 1.5kg (3.3lb) hoppers for the larger demand flavors and a third 1kg (2.2lb) hopper that allows for additional flavor
  • Adjustable speed auger motors produce great consistency of ingredient portioning
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