May 18, 2009|

Dear Dr. Brew,

I have a small coffee shop. We have a brewer that has the most horrible taste in it. We have other things hooked up to the water source and have no problems with that, however the BUNN brewer (plumbed in to the water source) from both the water valve, and the coffee brewer taste awful.

This machine sat for a while and I have run numerous batches of coffee and fresh water through it, but I can't get rid of this taste. Is there something I missed when cleaning it and hooking it up? Advice would be greatly appreciated.




It's hard to say what may have happened while the unit was stored. I would suggest taking the unit to an authorized service center. They will be able to dissasemble the unit and clean the tank. You may ask them to examine and clean the internal plumbing lines as well. I am not sure if the unit was stored with water remaining in the tank. I would suggest always draining the unit before storage.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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