Nov 20, 2008|

Ian, from the United Kingdom

What a great way to have a blog – can I be the first person from the UK to ask a
question ? How do I explain very simply to my customers that BUNN equipment has a better extraction than other machines ?




Thanks for your question and yes, Ian you are the first from the UK.

There is more to a great cup of coffee than better extraction as an indicator. Brewed filter-drip coffee is a balance of strength and extraction. How the equipment and the coffee work together to produce a uniform extraction from the ground coffee is the most important aspect. Testing in the lab as well as with the consumer has proven that a uniform extraction range of 18%-22% by weight from the ground coffee provides the desirable flavor profiles. Strength (percentage of the beverage that is dissolved coffee) on the other hand, is a choice that each of us makes.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and the Norwegian Coffee Association all agree on the 18-22% extraction, although each has a range for strength (1.15%-1.35% SCAA/1.20%-1.45% SCAE/ & 1.30%-1.55%NCA) as a standard.

Happy Brewing,

Dr. Brew


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