Nov 25, 2008|

From Justin
Is French Press the best way to brew coffee? If so, why?


I enjoy all brew methods, French Press is likely as close as you get to cupping profile. The mouth feel and flavors from the sediments and oils that pass through the screen filter are more intense than those that pass through a paper filter commonly used in filter drip. As for the best way to brew, I look at the entire process. Depending on the style of French Press you chose -- glass, stainless steel, single wall or thermal -- pre-heating is recommended. Determining grind size for the time of contact allowed before cooling occurs is a challenge. Coffee brewed in a French Press dictates a quick dispense/consumption due to the ground coffee continuing to release solubles. As with any brew, proper execution of the method to reduce variables results in the best cup. I am spoiled and prefer filter drip with no sediments in the bottom of my cup.

Happy Brewing,

Dr. Brew


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