Nov 9, 2011|

Hello,We're considering a VPR-TC Pourover Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer for our home. We're worried about the long term safety of plastic components in home coffee makers, Though the VPR unit is larger than a home unit, will be more costly to operate, and has much more capacity than we need, we really want to avoid plastic. (We'd add the optional stainless steel funnel to the VPR.) We generally wouldn't make more than 32 oz of coffee at a time, however. On occasion we might even want to make less, if that were possible. How would VPR units perform when making half of the amount they were designed to make? And are there any mechnical, parts, grind or brewing adjustments that could compensate?

Thanks very much.




A few things to consider when attempting to use a unit to brew half of the volume its designed for. The Thermal Carafe will definitely function better if pre-heated with hot water. The smaller volume of brewed beverage in an unheated server may not hold serving temperature to expectation. The type of brewer (VPR-TC) you have mentioned is a simple displacement of hot water from the reservoir by cold water being poured into the top. I would not recommend brewing less than the thirty-two ounce, half brew you mentioned. Concerning the grind size/ distribution, I would recommend a fine grind to provide more ground coffee surface area to compensate for the reduction in brew contact time.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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