Apr 6, 2012|

Hi Dr. Brew, 

I have a Bunn VPR commercial brewer, and I have watched the videos you have posted on You-tube regarding brew times and ratios. I was wondering, what technique I could use if I only wanted to brew half a pot on such a machine? Particularly, if I add enough grounds for half a pot and pour only half a pot of water into the machine, the ratio would be correct but the brew time will be half the optimal time for a complete brew as the water still flows out at the same rate.


Brewing a lesser volume than full always has compromises. You did not mention if you are grinding on demand or using pre-ground coffee. If grinding on demand you have the option to grind slightly finer to compensate for the faster brew time. When using a pre-ground coffee a slightly higher dose weight will for the half brew may satisfy your taste in the final cup..

Remember it's all about the cup and making a brew you like. Experiment!

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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