Jun 22, 2009|

Hello Dr. Brew,

We're a new coffee shop in Quebec City, Canada, and are proud to be equipped with a Twin BUNN ICB brewer as well as a BUNN MHG grinder. We had a little trouble setting all this up but everything goes fine since we began to use a water pressure regulator. No more surprises with TDS variations! We use an Excel spreadsheet kindly provided to us by Vince Fedele from Terroir Coffee and which was written by you originally, I think.

The only thing I still don't understand is the number of cycles during pulse-brewing. Is it a number hard-set on the brewer or a result of a formula involving other parameters? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

And congratulations for achieving such innovations as pulse brewing and pre-infusion delays. Good coffee truly deserves a proper brewing for achieving wine-like character and complexity!

If you ever get by Quebec City, we'll be honoured to serve you the best cup of coffee in town!

Constantin Ioan

Café Le Nektar
Quebec, Canada


Dear Constantin,

Good to hear from our friends to the North. The ICB brewer you have can be set to pulse brew in one of two alternate ways. You can select EasyPulse or the Manual mode. EasyPulse is a predetermined routine consisting of an Initial ON period (15% of the original time) followed by seven OFF and ON cycles till the selected volume is acheived.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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