Nov 9, 2011|
Hello Dr.Brew,I am an industrial Design student and I am currently undertaking a project with a well know kitchen appliance brand. I am designing a tea maker. I am very interested in vacuum/siphoning brewing methods which are mostly used for coffee. I was wondering if this method is an inadequate way of making tea and whether it has any negative effects on tea flavour etc. Any thoughts on this would be hugely helpful.Thank you,Rachel


thanks for your interest in experimenting with alternate methods for preparing tea. Tea preparation is often referred to as a steeping process rather than brewing. Temperatures for tea preparation (165°F to near boiling) vary, depending on the type/ processing of tea (White, Green Oolong, Black or Pu'erh). Steeping (water contact with the leaves) times can range from one minute to five +. The siphon/ vacuum type system may be difficult to control steeping/ brewing temperature as water is forced/ displaced into the upper bowl. You may also find the intensity of the turbulence created by this system extracts additional sediments not found with traditional steeping. Keep experimenting!

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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