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Just opened up a coffee shop and bought that unit to make our daily brews of coffee, also bought 2.2L glass airpots to brew the coffee into. We have tried different amounts of coffee and different temperatures, I turned it up all the way on the temperature, which looks to come out about 185, which I guess has to do. And have adjusted coffee amounts anywhere from 5g-8g per 6oz cup. But no matter what we do it either makes it taste like bad water or a burnt cup of ash. We have filtered water going to the unit. I have had to bring our coffee maker from home, which is a Mr. Coffee... to make a good cup of Joe. We use 7g per 6oz in that unit and it turns out like I just entered heaven (as far as I know:), depending on what bean we use:)
But I was curious what I am doing wrong. Because if it takes us buying multiple regular coffee makers to pour into airpots to make our heavenly drink, then I will do it. Don't tempt me:)
Ok, thanks so much!!!!!!



Not sure of were you measured temperature. Finished brew should be approximately 175° to 185°F in the server. The formulas you have tested will result in a lite cup of less than 1 % soluble in the cup. I would suggest 9 to 10.5 grams per 6 fluid ounces. Your attempt at using a home brewer is likely adding contact time due to the extended water deliver time to the grounds.

My want to contact the service department and check on a slower flow spray head to extend contact time like the home unit.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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