Jun 14, 2013|
A home customer writes:

"I had an interesting conversation about how much coffee should be measured for each (6 oz) cup. I maintain that 2 TB is the correct coffee measure according to many coffee merchants, and I use this guideline unless the package states otherwise."

The fine folks in the Bunn Laboratory have concluded that with our coffees, 1TB of grounds (or less!) to the cup can still yield a Gold Cup Standard brew. At the 2TB ratio, is there double strength? Or is the coffee simply under extracted? And will other brands of grocery store coffee possibly require more grounds due to some difference in the beans or roasting process?

- Michael

Volume (2 TBS) is not sufficient to determine brew ratio.  Coffees vary in density due to type, roast and age of the bean when green (before roasting) just to name a few variables. The ground coffee should be weighed for accuracy.  A ratio of 10 grams coffee per 6.0 ounces of water is a good starting point.

As for Golden Cup, there is more to it than brew ratio.  Water quality, time of water contact with the ground coffee, temperature as well as how long you hold brewed coffee prior to service.  You can find more information in the BUNN Coffee Basics  on line at BUNN.com

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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