BUNN Espress Sure Tamp Automatic Espresso Machine

Build-A-Drink™ Touchscreen
Empower Staff to Create Innovative Beverages

Empower Staff with this large icon-based touch screen to create delicious, innovative beverages

An engaged, empowered staff is a critical element to profitable beverage program. The large 7” touchscreen on BUNN Espress® Sure Tamp® is an easy-to-use and intuitive control console that gives an operator what he or she needs to produce a full menu of espresso-based beverages. The Build-A-Drink™ Touchscreen has placement options for nine of your most popular drinks. Icons are chosen from a library, which can then be custom-labeled for your serving situations.


Milk production and steam wand control are especially a delight to work with on the Espress touchscreen. For example, the Intellisteam® function is engineered to produce steamed and frothed milk to the same programmed temperature each time. Two additional options can accommodate drink requests at cooler temperatures and warmer temperatures.


Baristas and more experienced operators will enjoy the Manual Steam function that enables a
self-programmed milk steaming process.


And the Purge function is an efficient and easy way to clear the steam wand for ideal beverage taste. The barista will come to rely on its ideal location on the touchscreen.

Build-A-Drink Demo

The Build-A-Drink Touchscreen has placement options for nine of your most popular drinks

Sure Tamp® Steam screen shown

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