Bees enjoy coffee too!

Apr 26, 2013|

April showers bring May flowers......and bugs.  Bees make their appearance every spring, and every year the sight of this bug sends me into a tizzy. 

 Last weekend I had the chance to sit on my back deck and enjoy the warm spring weather.   However, my relaxing time was interrupted by an uninvited guest, a honey bee.   This little bee kept buzzing around me and landing in my hair, in my cup, just about everywhere!  (I screamed like a little girl flailing my arms and running for the house.)    Even though my annoyance (and fright) for this little bee persisted throughout the afternoon, I remembered an article I recently read in National Geographic and realized we may have something in common.  We both enjoy coffee and the boost of energy we receive from it!

That's right; it looks like humans aren't the only ones getting a buzz on coffee.  A recent study suggests that caffeine from the flower of coffee plants actually helps increase honeybees memory.    To read more about this study check out this article.

Lesson learned: the next time I become annoyed by a little bee, I'll remember our common bond!


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