Brew Happy

Apr 15, 2015

Happiness (noun)

: the state of being happy
: an experience that makes you happy
: a state of well-being and contentment
: a pleasurable or satisfying experience        


As you can see, any way you define it, happiness is something all of us strive for. Of course large life milestones like our wedding day, seeing a child graduate college, starting a new job, or retiring, brings us moments of happiness. But what about everyday moments of happiness? Like walking the dog, enjoying the sunrise over breakfast, or checking your social media feed for the latest updates from your family and friends.

We feel that you shouldn’t have to wait for happy.   Happiness should be enjoyed in the simple little moments that happen everyday.   The times you take a breath, smile and enjoy “me-time”. We understand that getting to these happy moments can be difficult, especially with a growing to-do list. However, our new Speed Brew™ is designed to help you get to your happy place fast.

You see the newest 10-cup brewer combines quick brew technology and contemporary, curved design to deliver café-quality coffee at home. With Speed Brew you won’t find yourself waiting for your morning cup.   Similar to our traditional quick brew machines, like our Velocity Brew® models, Speed Brew features an Internal Hot Water Tank. This tank keeps water at the optimal brewing temperature of about 200° degrees allowing you to brew a full pot in about 4 minutes.   Anytime you want delicious café- quality coffee at home, simply add your favorite coffee, pour water in, and let the BUNN® engineered Sprayhead works its magic.

Your morning cup is brewed so quickly you have more time to do what makes you happy. No more waiting!

Speed Brew helps you #BrewHappy everyday.


With Speed Brew® your coffee is brewed so fast you have more time to do what makes you happy like...

Prep for your first Friendsgiving

Get lost in your favorite novel

Play in the leaves

Catch up with an old friend

Run that extra mile

Enjoy 5 more minutes of snuggle time.

Take an extra long morning stroll with the ones you love. 

Check your feed for the latest updates from your friends and family.

 Catch the morning news

 Plan your next adventure

 Meditate and clear your mind

 Enjoy your breakfast at the table in your pajamas

Enjoy an extra early tee time

Enjoy the serenity of the morning



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