Coffee & Donuts a perfect pair

Jun 3, 2011|

Coffee and donuts what a perfect pair.  Today is National Donut Day. Yes, that means you can eat donuts all day long!  Glazed, cream filled, chocolate covered, sprinkle covered, powered sugar. So many donuts to choose from, and only one day to pig out.  This is a fun way to celebrate a delicious treat, but did you know that National Donut Day was created by the Salvation Army?

National Donut Day was first celebrated 73 years ago in the city of Chicago as was a way to honor Salvation Army Doughnut Lassies.

You might ask what are Donut Lassies?  According to the Salvation Army blog, Donut Lassies was the nickname given to the female Salvation Army officers who traveled through the trenches during World War I to deliver soldiers donuts and coffee.    These Donut Lassies wanted to comfort the physically and emotionally drained soldiers, so they made donuts.   The Donut Lassies delivered a delicious treat and a boost of joy to the soldiers during a bleak time.

National Donut Day originated to celebrate Donut Lassies, but also served to raise funds and awareness for the Salvation Army.  Today the tradition of helping the Salvation Army continues.  If you are interested in learning more about Donut Day or the Donut Lassies, CLICK HERE

As you enjoy a donut, or donuts, with a cup of coffee today, remember how National Donut Day started back in 1938!


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