Coffee filters to the rescue this holiday season

Dec 22, 2014

If you are in full holiday preparation mode stocking up on the necessities for the arrival of family and friends you may want to add coffee filters to the list.   While an ample supply of coffee filters means you will be able to keep guests fully caffeinated and happy, these little paper filters may come to your rescue this holiday season.  

Coffee filters are multi-functional.   If you are tidying up the house for holiday celebrations coffee filters are a great alternative to paper towels to clean windows and mirrors because they leave no lint.

On Christmas Day if the cork on a great bottle of wine breaks sending tiny particles into your bottle, don’t throw the bottle away. Instead, place a paper coffee filters over a pitcher and slowly pour the wine into the pitcher.   The filters will act as a strain catching all those tiny cork particles and save your bottle of wine!


Taking photographs to capture the warm holiday memories is inevitable. However, if the flash on the camera is too harsh and has you looking like a ghost, a coffee filter can help you out.   Place a coffee filter over the flash to help soften the brightness (and harshness) of the flash.  




Expecting multiple children at your home for the holidays?   Coffee filters act as perfect disposable dishes for their snacks.   The coffee filter saves your floors by catching all the crumbs.


Finally, when packing up your fine china after the holidays use coffee filters as spacers between the dishes to prevent scratches on your delicate family heirlooms.  

You can purchase a case of 1,000 BUNN coffee filters for only $10.99 on This way you have plenty of filters on hand for your holiday festivities.



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