Coffee preparation reviewed

Sep 28, 2015

Coffee can be prepared in a variety of methods. Each preparation method produces slightly different nuances in flavor and mouth feel.   With National Coffee Day right around the corner we thought it was perfect time to review the difference between popular coffee preparation methods.

Cheers to great coffee!

Drip Filtration

Drip filtration method is when hot water passes over roasted, ground coffee contained in a filter.   The filter in drip coffee preparation removes most sediment and some oils. The filter can be paper material, or metal/cloth mesh. Within the drip filter method there are different ways to brew. Automatic drip brewers, like BUNN brewers, automatically control the flow rate of water over coffee grounds. This control allows for consistency and the ability to deliver great tasting coffee, brew after brew. Pour-over coffee refers to when water is manually poured over coffee grounds. The pour-over method results in a hand crafted beverage that is more difficult to recreate.

Steeping or Immersion

Steeping or Immersion coffee brewing involves ground coffee having constant contact with cold or hot water for a certain amount of time. The filtration between the water and coffee grounds does not happen until later in the brew process.   French press, or what some refer to as a plunger pot, is the most widely known steeping preparation method.   With a French press hot water is directly added to the cylinder and left to sit and steep for a few minutes. After steeping and stirring, a filter strains the coffee grounds to the bottom of the vessel, and coffee is poured directly from it.   Cold brew coffee is a steeping method which has gained momentum in the last few years.  With cold brew the coffee grounds are steeped in room-temperature, or refrigerated water for up to 24-hours which produces a concentrated coffee that is then diluted with water and served chilled.


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