Iced Tea and Your BUNN® Brewer: A Summer Match

Jun 10, 2015|

Iced tea and summer go hand-in-hand, and if you’re a “do it yourself” beverage connoisseur, you can create refreshment throughout the season using your BUNN home brewer. The biggest advantage of brewing tea at home is brewing to your taste!

Before you begin, you will want to keep the three Ts in mind – tea, temperature and time.

Tea comes in a variety of types but black and green teas brew best on a BUNN, based in part by the water heating to 200° in a 4-5 minute time period. Keep in mind that green tea possesses a more delicate flavor, while black tea tends to be on the bolder side. Brewing iced tea with a BUNN home brewer requires double the amount of tea in comparison to steeping tea in a cup of hot water, so plan on about two teaspoons of tea or herbs per six-ounce cup.

Once the tea has been selected and placed in the funnel of your brewer, turn your focus to the water. Like coffee, water is the element that brings tea to its full potential. Keep in mind that fresh water will yield a better cup. If you’d like to learn more about the basics of water quality check out our Water Basics Brochure.

Fill your brewer with fresh, cold water and start the process of infusing the tea. Different teas need different infusing times. You can use this chart from the Republic of Tea as a guide depending on which type of tea you are steeping but take care – don’t steep for too long or you might find your tea has gone bitter or acidic.

Once the tea has been steeped, empty the carafe into a glass pitcher. If you prefer sweet tea, this is the best time to add sweetener based on your liking. (Another home brewing advantage: calorie intake can be controlled by limiting how much and what kind of sweetener you add). If you prefer unsweetened iced tea, allow it to cool to room temperature, add ice and enjoy!

To learn more about the basics of preparing iced tea and explore the varieties of teas, read this brochure from the Tea Association of the USA.

As summer turns up the heat, use your BUNN brewer to create a cold, refreshing alternative!


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