Measuring It Out

Oct 23, 2014

BUNN multi-cup brewer. √
Ground Coffee √
Amount of coffee to use….. Uhhh. Two Scoops?

If you are anything like me the amount of coffee you use for your brew depends on your mood, but getting the ideal flavor out of your coffee requires measuring out the proper amount of your grinds.

Why go to such precise measures if you know what you already like? The answer is simple; the coffee-to-water ratio equation helps create great tasting coffee and unlocks the maximum flavor.

When coffee is brewed, hot water washes the soluble solids out of the grinds and into the pot (BTW, if you are wondering soluble solids are compounds that dissolve in water). While adding extra coffee to your brewer may make a stronger cup, too much coffee can make your basket overflow and, depending on grind size, could give you a sour tasting cup. On the other hand, skimping on coffee could produce a weak cup, resulting in additional poor taste qualities.

Measuring both the weight of coffee and water volume can help you achieve ideal flavor extraction. We recommend 2 grams of coffee per ounce of water.   This recommendation pairs well with a “drip style” grind size which is the most common among pre-ground packages. If you grind your coffee yourself, try to find a grind that is a little coarser than table salt. Once the water begins flowing through your coffee, look for that delicious stream of goodness to begin soon! 

The combination of correct grind size and the right amount of coffee will lead to the best cup.


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