Meet Dr. Brew

Jul 21, 2011|

Meet the Director of the BUNN  Beverage Technology Center aka BUNNs Brew Master aka Dr. Brew, better known as the man, Randy Pope.  So what exactly do all these titles mean? In a recent Q & A session, Randy gave us insight on how he aims to find different and better ways to brew coffee every day.  As Randy would say its all about the cup. He experiments with different brewing variables in the beverage lab all in pursuit of perfecting the ultimate cup for all to enjoy.

Randy has an extensive wealth of coffee knowledge and he knows how to brew great coffee too.  In fact, it is rumored that certain BUNN individuals like to sneak into his lab to sample in his latest brew.   He likes to refer to these individuals as his coffee clique.
Watch this up close and personal Q & A session to learn more about Randy Pope including how he acquired all his coffee knowledge, what his favorite cup of coffee is and his greatest passion next to coffee.   

PS-   Make sure you pay close attention so you don't miss the story on how Randys coffee attracted a film crew to his camper while he was on vacation!



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