Powered by gravity since 1959

Mar 10, 2015

BUNN arrived in the coffeemaker industry in 1959 with revolutionary technology that produced amazing quality coffee with superior taste. A driving force behind our revolutionary O model brewer in 1959: gravity.

 Yes, I said gravity.   Our brewers harnessed the power of gravity.   The simple, classic design of the BUNN O model used an internal hot water tank that kept water at the proper 200 degrees for brewing a full pot of coffee on-demand.  This machine yielded consistent coffee, brew-after-brew using technology called Gravity Drip Extraction. Through precise temperature control and flow rate the first BUNN brewers were able to quickly extract the palatable oils in coffee, not the bitter ones, as gravity pulled the water through the brew funnel. The result was coffee with a distinctive, rich, smooth taste.

Some of the first commercial models such as the R model were pourover models that worked by water displacement.   By simply adding cold water needed to brew, gravity would feed the new, cold water into the bottom of the internal hot tank, displacing the hot water.   Having hot water on demand allowed for brewing great tasting coffee, fast.    

BUNN pourover, Gravity Drip Extraction models received such high remarks for their consistently great coffee flavor in commercial and office settings that in 1972 BUNN introduced the B8 model for brewing at home. The introduction of this brewer allowed individuals to brew great tasting, quality coffee comparable to their favorite restaurant.  

Over the years BUNN has become synonymous with this fast brew technology that we introduced over 55 years ago. Gravity Drip Extraction has been tweaked and improved over the years, but the essence of this great technology is still used in some of our models today including our home Velocity Brew models.

 Our dedication to innovation and continuous quality improvement has led to great new BUNN innovations like Heat & Release in Phase Brew®, or Air Infusion® in trifecta.  However, many loyal BUNN customers are still in love with our original fast brew, Gravity Drip Extraction models.


In 1959,  Bunn-O-Matic expands its product line to include brewing equipment. The Model O pourover is patented with the Gravity Drip system.















In 1972, the B8 model is launched for the home consumer market and features a brew-on-demand internal hot water tank.


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