The Three T's of Proper Brewing: Time

Oct 30, 2013|

You've probably never looked at your morning routine of brewing coffee as a work of science, but it is.  Numerous elements must align in order to extract the ideal coffee flavor.  What are these elements?  Water, filtration, grind and the three T's of coffee brewing.  The three T's are: Time, Temperature and Turbulence.   Let's take a look at the first T -- Time.


Time refers to the brewing time, or the time water is in contact with the coffee grounds.   This element is important as the amount of time the water is contact with the coffee determines the amount of coffee material extracted.  This is the major component that affects flavor.  Coffee with too much contact time with water will have a bitter taste.   Coffee with a too short of contact time will be weak.   

Think of it as a squeezing an orange to make fresh orange juice.  If you only gave the orange one squeeze your orange juice would be weak.  If you kept squeezing the orange, even after no juice is present, you would end up with parts of the rind in your juice making it bitter.

Don't worry, you don't need to stand by your BUNN brewer with a stop watch because BUNN brewers manage the science behind brewing including time.    BUNN brewers oversee the contact time between the coffee and water so coffee is never over-extracted and bitter.   Our sprayheads are specially designed to control the flow rate of water, and properly float grounds for optimal extraction.  (We will discuss this more in the Turbulence post.)

BUNN brewers also manage Temperature and Turbulence elements, so stay tuned for the next post as we dissect the science behind brewing.


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