Unexpected Places to Enjoy Coffee

Sep 19, 2013|

Coffee is beverage that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world and by people out of this world.  No I'm not talking about little, green men- although I am pretty sure if aliens tasted coffee they would enjoy it too.  I am referring to astronauts. 

Astronauts enjoy their morning cup of joe too!   However, due to the constraints of space travel, coffee enjoyed in space sounds a little bit different than the coffee experience on Earth.   Due to the absent pull of gravity, astronauts are not able to pour coffee in a cup and sip on it.  Instead, they are forced to drink their coffee out a straw.   According to an article on Rice University website, coffee in space is in freeze-dried pouches.  Water is added to the pouches and then the coffee is sipped through a straw.

Fortunately,  this could all change due to a new Zero Gravity Coffee Cup.  This new cup will allow astronauts to actually enjoy coffee from a cup! ( CLICK HERE to read more about the Zero Gravity Coffee Cup.) 

All this talk of enjoying coffee in space got me thinking- what other unexpected places do you enjoy coffee?   In a plane 30,000 feet above land, in a submarine, a hot air balloon, perhaps in an RV out in the wilderness!

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