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Kay-5® - Sanitizer/Cleaner » Material Safety Data Sheets

#24634.0001 Box of 50 individual packs
#24634.0000 Box of 200 individual packs


  • For use with coffee brewers, servers*, juice dispensers, granita systems
*not for use with ThermoFresh® servers
Dezcal™ - Activated Scale Remover

#37306.0000 Cleaning Powder (individual pack)


  • For use with coffee brewers and servers
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TABZ™ - Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets

#39637.0000 Cleaning Tablets (individual pack)
Cleaning Tablets (case of twelve)


  • Tablet optimizes portion control and cleaning.
  • Cleans brew basket and server in one simple step.
  • Eliminates dust, waste, and operator error.
Specification pages (Download PDF):

trifecta® Cleaning Tablets

#42933.1000 trifecta Cleaner (individual pack)

Specification pages (Download PDF):

GRINDZ™ - Grinder Cleaner

#39159.0000 Grinder Cleaner (individual pack)
Grinder Cleaner (case of twelve)


  • First product ever for cleaning grinders.
  • All-natural and completely food safe.
  • Cleans grinder burrs and casings.
  • Removes most flavored coffee odors.
Specification pages (Download PDF):

Cafiza™ - Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

#36000.1189 Cleaning Tablets (individual pack)
Cleaning Tablets (case of twelve)


  • For use with BUNN Espress® Tiger
  • Formulated for controlled solubility, easy rinsing, and powerful cleaning.
  • NSF certified for metal compatibility and safety.
Specification pages (Download PDF):

Rinza™ - Milk Frother Cleaner

#39265.0000 Milk Froth Cleaner (individual pack)
Milk Froth Cleaner (case of six)


  • Breaks down milk protein buildup.
  • Cycles through auto-frothers for easy cleanup.
  • Also cleans traditional steam wands and steel pitchers.
  • Built-in measuring device delivers over 30 uses per bottle.
Specification pages (Download PDF):

Complete Café™ - Espresso Machine Sanitizer

#39265.0010 Complete Café (individual pack)
Complete Café (case of six)


  • Developed for milk frothing systems.
  • Also use with coffee urns, tea dispensers and ice machines.
Specification pages (Download PDF):