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FlojetĀ® Bottled Water Dispenser

Flojet® BW1000 bottled water dispensing system
  • Designed to pump water from a 5-gallon water bottle.
  • Delivers water under pressure to coffee and tea brewers.
  • BUNN product number 29875.0000


115 VAC
6' (1.8m) cord w/ plug
Weight lb (kgs)
5.6 Net lbs (2.5 kgs), Shipping 8.5 lbs (3.9 kgs)
Dimensions HxWxD inch(mm)
3.0x5.5x7.5 (76x140x190)
3.0x5.5x7.5 (76x140x190) Discharge Hose
1/4" x 20' (6.1m)
Max Pressure
40 psi (2.8 bar)
Flow Rate
1.0 GPM (3.8 LPM) at open flow
NSF and Standard 18