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Increase Consistency & Quality
Sure Tamp®
The process of moving hot water through recently ground beans that have been formed into a tightly packed puck is a critical function of any espresso machine. Quality design speci cations are essential in assuring correct puck production so this process can be accurately repeated time-after- time by a superautomatic in medium volume serving environments.
We dedicated our best engineering and materials knowledge to designing our patent-pending Sure TampTM process in the Brew System Assembly. Its metal construction uses a proximity sensor to assure correct compaction and precise tamping pressure for each puck to achieve the best shot of espresso. An added advantage is that this unique process also protects the motor.
For more information on puck quality and tamping, download our White Paper, “Espresso Basics” from our website,
Exclusive Design Assures Tight Espresso Pucks and Top Shot Quality
Milk Texturing FusionTM
The popularity of hot and cold espresso basedbeveragesmeansthemachinehas toproduceexcellentmilkbaseddrinks.
The BUNN Espress® Superautomatic uses a patent-pending process for milk delivery. The Milk Texturing FusionTM system features a knife blade of steam being injected into the chamber which heats the milk. The result is a milk that is rich and creamy. This high intensity milk frothing system delivers our hot foam.
BUNN Espress is a canvas for future beverage innovation because it is engineered to accommodate two milk types and both cold and hot froth.
Effortless Rich and Creamy Milk

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