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BUNNlink® Wellness Program
You invest in a highly engineered superautomatic espresso machine because espresso-based beverages are in demand more than ever by your customers. So why spend more time on repair or maintenance calls than ringing up beverage orders? By choosing BUNN® as your equipment partner, you also choose a Wellness Program that minimizes equipment downtime and maximizes your pro ts.
Pro table
BUNNlink utilizes a progressive, cloud-based service support. Both routine and on-demand maintenance is coordinated with proprietary machine-to-machine (M2M) communication that enables remote monitoring, con guration and management of geographically disbursed equipment.
tech connected.
Projecting Pro t with an Espresso Based Beverage Menu
An espresso-based beverage menu can add pro t to your operation. BUNN® works with you to understand the true picture of top line revenue and operational costs. The BUNN Espress Beverage Pro t CalculatorTM is a tool to project the return on your investment based on your business plan of daily drink sales.
The calculator has interactive input screens where your values can be entered. Your own input is then used to give a full picture of the costs of executing an espresso program.
The BUNN Espress Beverage Pro t Calculator gives you the ability to project your daily drink sales for espresso, cappuccino and latte beverages. Develop your business plan with precision! It gives you a tool to project the pro t based on scenarios that you design for your espresso menu based on size of beverage and sale price.
A full picture of annual pro t can be calculated in a detailed summary page.
Real-time connectivity delivers a precise, up-to-the-minute status of the installed machine, and the technology identi es best-practice support for the operator. The time-saving advantage is that on-screen error codes and diagnostic reports can be simultaneously analyzed by the operator and the BUNN service team to return the equipment to normal operation as quickly as possible.
What’s Included:
• Pre-installation planning and consultation
• Installation and operational training by a BUNNserve® technician
• Development of a scheduled maintenance plan to promote peak performance for the equipment’s lifecycle
• On-going phone support utilizing BUNNlink® technology to assist with diagnostics
• Video training for staff on drink preparation and cleaning protocol
We view the Wellness Program as a continually renewing cycle that assists you in consistently making top-of-class beverages through a smooth operations process.
Many of our products are labeled “Assembled in the USA.” The majority of all commercial equipment models are assembled by hand at facilities in the USA or Canada. We strictly monitor suppliers of the components that are necessary to source from third parties to ensure they do not waver from our safety and quality standards that result in the reliability for which BUNN has become known.
We are committed to bringing the very highest quality and total value to customers, and each step of our design and manufacturing processes is guided by this commitment.

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