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This webinar will be facilitated by BUNN's field correspondant, Rusty Angell.   Learn about flavor extraction in coffee and how controllable variables can determine which flavors are most present in a brewed cup.

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Dr. Brew Speaks
Dr. Brew has gone on a well-deserved vacation. In his absence, we are publishing articles that he authored regarding coffee and tea brewing. This article was originally published in the Q1 issue of Tea Coffee Asia.

There will always be more questions than answers when discussing any subject, and coffee brewing is no exception. Everyone you talk

Question (Part 2)

From Roastmaster Tom

.... (in the last post, Roastmaster Tom asked about pre-infusion)

For the pulse brewing parameters, what specifically are we looking for? Should both the "wetting" stage and the "dry" stage be the same length of time? How long should that be? Should they differ in time and if so why? Does the roast level or caf/decaf affect those parameters? Does the size of the batch affect those parameters? As


From the Company Kitchen
Dear Dr. Brew,

In our kitchen at work, we use a 3-burner Bunn-O-Matic. I was chastised this morning by a coworker for sneaking in my cup underneath the brewing stream because I


Ian, from the United Kingdom

What a great way to have a blog – can I be the first person from the UK to ask a
question ? How do I explain very simply to my customers that BUNN equipment has a better extraction than other machines ?




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