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Slushy drinks began as a summer drink, with the first incarnations being high on sweetness, and low on flavor selection. Originally, the four most commonly found classic summer-time flavors were cherry, grape, lemon-lime and orange.  Now, with flavor selections that are limited only by one’s imagination, the audience for granita drinks has expanded in depth, and is no longer just a beverage for cooling off from the summer swelter.


Have you ever picked up a bag of coffee and seen enticing food flavor descriptions like brown sugar, sweet potato, walnut, blueberry or even chocolate?    During my early coffee years, I thought those descriptions meant those flavors were added to the coffee.  Yet, every time I tasted the coffee I wouldn't taste any of those flavors.   So what exactly do those flavor descriptions mean? 


From Justin
Is French Press the best way to brew coffee? If so, why?


I enjoy all brew methods, French Press is likely as close as you get to cupping profile. The mouth feel and flavors from the sediments and oils that pass through the screen filter are more intense than those that pass through a

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