The Ultra series provides frozen beverages, readily dispensed with an easy movement of the ergonomically designed handle.

BUNN’s patented electronic-sensored frozen drink system guarantees continuous drink consistency and long-lasting performance.

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Frozen dispensed beverages are now a staple of the Convenience Store landscape. However in the not so distant past; the BUNN Ultra frozen beverage dispenser was the foundation of this industry-wide success story. Learn how Ultra was the main tool in building this phenomenon.

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Is there any beverage more flexible than the non-carbonated frozen drink? It can be served as a treat for young consumers, it can also be “spiced up” for the adult crowd, and it can be used for quench the hunger of those in need of a healthy meal.

No matter who your target audience is, the frozen beverage category provides a flavorful, refreshing, and versatile option to keep customers satisfied and returning time and time again.

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The second part of When Should I Call A Technician? originally published in the Q1 2009 edition of Tea Coffee Asia. The article was written by Alan Brewer, BUNN Director of Technical Education, who

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