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Many coffee drinkers are obsessed with what goes into their cup: the type of beans they are brewing, the method of brewing being used, and what “extras” they are putting in their cup. How many of you ever really take the time to focus on the main ingredient of your brew… the water?


The days of summer are numbered and that signifies one thing back to school!  Over the next few weeks kids will be heading back to the classroom to hits the books. As we all know, education in any subject matter is crucial.   That is why we are introducing a new video mini-series titled Better Brewing with Dr. Brew.  We realize that in order to brew a great beverage one must understand the brewing process and all the different elements .

Linda from Des Moines, Iowa:

We have a customer with a twin brewer they have been using for a year—now it is filling less than a pot on a brew cycle. They want to know why. I told them that I think it may be a lime issue—what do you recommend?



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