We have some show-stopping items on the agenda for SCAA Expo 2014 in Seattle. We will be right at the main entrance of the expo hall (Booth #4005), there to greet you with smiling faces and great beverage experiences. Here are a few of the highlights:

trifecta and the SCAA Flavor Wheel
Have you ever wondered if you can change the flavor of a cup of coffee without changing the extraction? Stop by our trifecta area, give the flavor wheel a spin, and see for yourself how Air Infusion® technology can unlock different flavor nuances within a coffee.


I recently watched a film titled After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands.  The film premiered at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Symposium and Exposition in Houston this April.  It showcases the chronic seasonal hunger that effects small scale coffee farmers in Central America.   This seasonal hunger more than likely effects a majority of small scale coffee


This past weekend I attended the Specialty Coffee Association of Americas (SCAA) 23rd Annual Exposition in Houston, Texas. As a newbie to the coffee world, I did not know what to expect. Ill be honest, my interaction with coffee has been limited to either buying a cup of coffee from a shop, or brewing a batch at home. I always thought coffee just grew in a field, it was harvested, and then shipped to grocery stores and cafs to serve. So when I walked into the SCAA Exposition I was shocked! I had no idea how many people and hours are involved in producing one cup of coffee.

Dear Blog Readers,
If you are interested in learning more about coffee brewing, please plan to come by Coffee Preparation Methods and Variables, the lecture that Brad Smith of Distant Lands Coffee Roasters and I will be presenting from
Dr. Brew Speaks
Dr. Brew has gone on a well-deserved vacation. In his absence, we are publishing articles that he authored regarding coffee and tea brewing. This article was originally published in the Q1 issue of Tea Coffee Asia.

There will always be more questions than answers when discussing any subject, and coffee brewing is no exception. Everyone you talk


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