Successful employers know that energized, motivated employees are more productive. Quality coffee provided by the workplace can go a long way toward maintaining energy and motivation levels. BUNN® Sure Immersion™ bean-to-cup brewer brings a new, deeper dimension to single serve office coffee, giving employees a reason to skip the morning stop at the coffee shop, knowing that at the office awaits a full, rich, custom coffee experience.


Consumer thirst for coffee is evolving. It’s not satisfactory to simply serve coffee. Demand for a better tasting cup is driving the growth of bean-to-cup offerings throughout the world.

Read more about trends in bean-to-cup coffee by downloading our white paper below.


This past weekend I attended the Specialty Coffee Association of Americas (SCAA) 23rd Annual Exposition in Houston, Texas. As a newbie to the coffee world, I did not know what to expect. Ill be honest, my interaction with coffee has been limited to either buying a cup of coffee from a shop, or brewing a batch at home. I always thought coffee just grew in a field, it was harvested, and then shipped to grocery stores and cafs to serve. So when I walked into the SCAA Exposition I was shocked! I had no idea how many people and hours are involved in producing one cup of coffee.


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