I used to think coffee is coffee, meaning it didnt really matter where it came from because it all tasted the same.  Boy was I wrong!  Coffee is a plant that produces cherry-like fruit from which the beans are eventually extracted and distributed.  Coffee is grown in approximately 50 countries that span the globe. [2]  So then I assumed, all Kenyan coffees taste the same, or all Guatemalan coffees are the same.  Wrong, again.  I am learning that coffees from the same country can vary in taste, aroma and body.  How?


Dear Dr. Brew,

I have a small coffee shop. We have a brewer that has the most horrible taste in it. We have other things hooked up to the water source and have no problems with that, however the BUNN brewer (plumbed in to the water source) from both the water valve, and the coffee brewer taste awful.


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