Drip Free Carafe
Auto Start
3 Year Warranty

Not your Typical Coffee Maker

Most typical drip coffee makers heat the water at an inconsistent temperature and then slowly "burp" or "spit" the water over the grounds. The result is often bitter tasting coffee.

What makes this 10-cup programmable coffee maker unique is the professional grade Heat & Release Technology™. The Heat N' Brew uses a digital thermometer to precisely measure water to the ideal brewing temperature (between 197.6ºF and 204.8ºF). Only once the water has reached the ideal temperature is it then released over the grounds. The commercial style, lime-tolerant 6-stream sprayhead is designed to shower the grounds for maximum turbulence- the effective interaction of hot water and coffee grounds. The coffee maker maintains the ideal contact time between the water and coffee grounds for proper extraction.

Watch It Brew

Craft a Perfect Cup

Thoughtfully Designed

We Care


Commercial Technology to meet professional standards

Building on our commercial brewing knowledge, we developed a proprietary brewing process called Heat & Release Technology™ to meet professional brewing standards and deliver an exceptional coffee taste at home every day in about 10 minutes.  

Designed with YOU in mind

This 10-cup coffeemaker features auto-start allowing you to pre-program for those busy mornings; a cleaning indicator helps you keep your coffeemaker in great shape. Our exclusive 10-cup drip-free carafe delivers the cleanest pour on the market, which means less clean-up for you.

Rely on us

With our strong heritage in building the highest quality beverage equipment for cafés, restaurants, offices and home, we are confident you will enjoy brewing with this brewer for years to come.  It is backed by an industry leading 3-year warranty, and exceptional customer service based in Springfield, Illinois.

Name trusted by restaurants and cafés for over 60 years

 BUNN is no stranger to the rigorous brewing standards set by Specialty Coffee Association of America. For sixty years we have been manufacturing commercial coffee brewing equipment that consistently delivers SCAA Golden Cup standards for restaurants and cafés worldwide. We are excited to bring this standard to your kitchen.

Drip-Free Carafe

The Drip-free Carafe was designed to deliver the cleanest pour on the market with a proprietary lid and spout design that arcs the coffee into the cup and wicks the rest back into the carafe. 

Watch It Pour

Crafting the Perfect Cup

Only coffeemakers that pass rigorous testing receive Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certification.

The BUNN 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker features professional grade Heat & Release Technology to meet those standards and deliver the best tasting coffee at home every day... in just two stages.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Brewing Ratios

Stage 1:  Heating the Water

  • After the brew button has been pressed the water will begin to heat. The Heat & Release Technology™ uses a digital thermometer to precisely measure when the water reaches the ideal brewing temperature.
  • A temperature activated valve opens to start the brewing process only after the water has reached 197.6º F.
  • This stage takes about 6 minutes to complete.

Stage 2: Brewing the Coffee

  • The digital control panel will display “Brewing” once the brewer has transitioned to this final brewing stage.
  • The Heat & Release Technology controls the contact time between the heated water and the coffee grounds according to SCA standards.
  • The commercial style, lime-tolerant, 6-stream sprayhead is designed to maximize the effective interaction of hot water with the coffee grounds, extracting a smooth, full taste from premium beans.
  • This stage takes about 4 minutes to complete.

Recommended Brewing Ratios

Water Coffee
4 Cups/20 oz  32 grams~2.5 tbsp
6 Cups/30 oz  49 grams~3.5 tbsp
8 Cups/40 oz  65 grams~4.5 tbsp
10 Cups/50 oz 81 grams~5.5 tbsp

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