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Meet Refresh

Expand your beverage menu with profitable, custom-crafted still and carbonated filtered water infusions.

Constantly Cold

Recirculation loop technology is constantly circulating water to ensure consistent temperatures of 40°F

Fast Flow Faucet

The fast flow faucet accommodates large cups or carafes up to 12"

Longer Lasting Bubbles

In-line patented water mistifier provides the delicate balance of purified, cold water and "light" carbonation for longer lasting sparkling water and optimal absorption of flavors.

Unrivaled Filtration

The included water filtration system achieves purity with filtration technology certified to reduce cyst, lead, particulates, chloramines, chlorine taste and odor and 99.99% of common water-borne bacteria*. *as tested with E.Coli ATCC (11229) by manufacturer’s laboratory

Refresh Models

Refresh Tower with Pull Handles

This option has sleek design features ideal for front-of-the-house settings, complete with elegant tap handles that allow the user to comfortably control their dispense.

Refresh Tower with Portion Control

Another tower with convenient portion buttons instead of tap handles, allowing small, medium, and large dispenses of still and sparkling water.

Refresh Countertop with Portion Control

This option provides delicious purified still or sparkling water from a narrow counter-top design. Convenient portion buttons allow small, medium, and large dispenses.

Refresh Countertop with Push Button Control

This countertop variant allows users to dispense using push button control.

Model variants & specs

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