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Jan 27, 2011|
Content, content, content. I've been reading about it for a year now since starting with BUNN in January 2010. I've been reading about dropping the edginess and just concentrate on consistency. I've been reading about the 'just do it now' mantra. Did I do it? No.

But, the new year brings new resolutions (is it really almost February?). My 2011 resolution is to stop treating Nichole, our optimistic social media coordinator, like a castaway on a deserted island and embark on some seriously consistent content around all that is BUNN.

I guess what has been a hurdle to overcome is that sometimes I want to talk strictlybeverage equipment and why BUNN is the right choice for customers. Sometimes I want to talk about general beverage industry topics and events. So to help our readers differentiate between the two, I've decided to organize topics around two categories: Cup Conversation and a "Catalog in a Year" Series.

Cup Conversation will be a series of posts focusing on topics affecting the worldwide beverage equipment industry.

"Catalog in a Year" Series will be a captivating (!), page-by-page discussion of the 2011 BUNN Equipment Catalog. We will look at everything from those curious acronyms like VPR to what does BrewWise intelligence really mean?

I'm finally out of the starting gate. Heads up, Nichole, the life preserver is coming. I'm really going to try to make this a marathon and not a sprint.


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