Come on Danny Cahill!

Dec 6, 2009
A post from Lisa McCloud, BUNN Director of Marketing, Retail Division.

I love watching The Biggest Loser. The show is about transforming lives through hard work and dedication. It's an inspiration that's helped me in my journey of losing 70 pounds over the past year.

In last week's episode, I was soooo excited to see that one of this season's finalists, Danny Cahill, owns a BUNN home coffee brewer. I wanted to call him up right then and thank him, but his published phone number was disconnected....probably because of people like me! LOL - just joking!

Anyway, over the next couple of days of thinking and discussion, we decided that we wanted to do something to congratulate Danny on his hard work and owning a BUNN - the hardest working coffee brewer around? Better yet, how do we thank all of our loyal customers? So, here's our commitment... If Danny wins The Biggest Loser, BUNN will donate to charity one coffee brewer for each pound he loses through the finale on Tuesday, 12/8/09. Based on his current pace, this could be up to 250 brewers or up to $25,000 worth of coffee brewers. Check out the press release here.

Go Danny Go....we at BUNN are hoping you win it all!



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