Lets Hear it for the Bean

Sep 27, 2013|

When I was growing up I asked my parents on Fathers Day and Mothers Day why there wasnt a Sons Day or Daughters Day? Of course my parents would explain to me with a smirk on their face that every day is kids day. Well National Coffee Day is Sunday (September 29th) but you might say every day is coffee day when you dive into consumption statistics.

Here in the United States coffee has become as much a part of the nations fabric as hot dogs and apple pie. According to Coffeemarvel.com approximately 450 million cups of coffee are consumed per day in the U.S. You could even say its the fuel that starts the countrys motor on a daily basis as 68% of U.S. citizens have their first cup within a hour of waking up. Even more telling, three of every five residents claim they need a cup of coffee to start their day. To see more of coffeemarvel.com data check out some interesting coffee facts here.

Further proof that Americas blood type could be considered coffee is evident from the National Coffee Associations 2013 Drinking Trends which revealed 83% of Americans said they had a coffee beverage within the past year. Daily consumption has been steadily rebounding since the mid-1990s as well and is currently reaching levels that havent been recorded since the early 1970s.

Sundays national celebration, which has been adopted internationally in recent years, encourages appreciation of the nations most popular bracing beverage and many national restaurant chains will be giving out free samples. Check out a list of some of the participants here. If youre looking for ways to hold your own coffee celebration check out this link for some helpful ideas.

So as you wake up Sunday dont forget to raise your coffee cup in honor of National Coffee Day; chances are you wont be alone in doing so.


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